I'm a multi-disciplinary artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. My main career and profession is in Architectural Drafting & Design, however I also create works through the mediums of music and photography. 

I've studied and practiced the art architectural drafting and design for the past seven years professionally. While photography and music are skills I've been honing for about twice as long.

When I'm not writing, recording or playing  music, I'm usually photographing a live show.

I think most beautiful and rewarding thing about art and creation is to conceive an idea in your head and to be able to bring it to life through your desired medium.

Photo by: Chudi Harris

Photo by: Chelsey Brown

Photo by: Chudi Harris

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Photography/Music: nathaniel.cole.music@gmail.com

Drafting & Design: ncole.drafting@gmail.com

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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