Photo by: Chelsey Brown

Nathaniel Cole is a writer, producer, and fusion artist based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Creating R&B/Soul music, steeped in Funk and EDM- the sound insights dance as much as it does thought. His sonic style draws from a wide range of influences such as Nile Rodgers, Sade, Calvin Harris, & Nick Waterhouse. 

It was Summer of 2018 that Cole released his first EP "Imagination" followed a small string of local shows backed by a three piece band- including an open air set at 

United Not Isolated Festival in Halifax's North End. 

In early 2019 Nathaniel began work on a project that would be a collaboration with local artists. On the basis that there would be an art for art exchange; Cole would create studio portraits in exchange to those artists who provided their art in the form of lyrics on a given track.

"Nathaniel Cole has been pulling his weight in the Halifax hip-hop community and making a name for himself. Now he’s not only releasing a new single but bringing the community together for a collaborative idea in the process." The East Magazine 

In late 2019 and early 2020, he gave a taste of the beginning stages of the project with tracks such as "Give it Up feat Shanii 22," "Close to the Money feat. Baseline" & "Suffocate feat Paollo." With the pandemic stunting the trajectory and the mentality, the project was pushed back but still in progress, with intentions of a late 2021 release that will ideally feature a public collection of all the portraits captured in the making of the project.  

Since the pause on the aforementioned project- Nathaniel has put forth a single; "Real" and a two track EP entitled "LXVE/LXST" that explore emotion, intimacy, and passion. He's released several live performance style videos created in his studio and on location. As well as a post lockdown performance as a part of Emerge Festival.