Nathaniel Cole- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Nathaniel is a Halifax artist creating Funk based R&B\Soul music that draws from a wide range of influences such as Sade, Chic, Nick Waterhouse & Tower of Power. Though having been writing and playing music for the better part of two decades, it was just in the last year that Cole started taking advantage of and creating his own opportunities to perform in the city. Within that year, he assembled his first tangible piece of work; His self-produced, debut EP entitled "Imagination," released in August of 2018. Producing records in his apartment studio (Studio 204), he is constantly challenging himself to further not only his writing skills but his production and engineering capabilities to create a sonic palette that will serve to paint any emotion for any mood. His sound is brought to life on stage by a group of skilled musicians and good friends that embody the energy of the recorded tracks whilst adding live elements that bring a whole new experience to the listener.

Chudi Harris- Lead Guitar

Born in Saskatchewan, and having lived in the states, Ontario and Prince Edward Island, before finding himself in Halifax in 2011 to attend a program at Dalhousie University. 

Having been a studied pianist and guitarist, as well as creating/recording music through basic software, Chudi applied for a course which explored the use of Logic Pro's Digital Audio Workstation. Honing his production skills, his voice and vision, Chudi crafted a series of three EP's over the course of 2016-2017 that was brought to life through a five part video series entitled "Canvas." His music and live performances caught the eyes of many people within the city and beyond it which allowed him to share stages with artists such as Rich Aucoin, Weaves, Mauno, as well as touring with T. Thomason. Chudi brings influences of soul and rock and roll with his lead guitar style which ties together the rhythmic and melodic elements of the groups sound. 

Click Here to see more of Chudi's work.

Chris Johnson- Drums

From Bedford, Nova Scotia, Chris grew up with heavy athletic involvement, while in later years transitioned more into the arts. Exploring theatre and performance art, Chris has worked with many festivals and organizations such as Halifax Fringe Festival, and Alexander Keith's Brewery as a actor and performer. 

It wasn't until he had the opportunity to sit in front of a drum kit at a friends house that he discovered his rhythm. After purchasing a electric drum kit and honing his chops, he started jamming with local artists and groups in the scene. He and Nathaniel began creating and playing music together in 2012. Chris' wide range of musical influences that span from rock, pop, and disco music bring a flavour to the rhythm section that is unmatched. 

Nathan Simmons- Bass Guitar

North Preston Native, Nathan Simmons always had a passion for the arts from early on. Playing music from a young age in the church developed his vocal ability as well as his bass guitar skills. Also, training his abilities in drama and theatre throughout high school lead him to obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Theatre Studies from Dalhousie University. Now a working actor and performer, he has done works with with Neptune Theatre Productions, This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketches, and more. Nathan also finds himself performing with other musical acts in the city as well as working on his own original compositions. His influences that draw for traditional R&B, Soul, Gospel and Funk drive his elaborate slap bass style, providing an underpinning for the core elements of the groups sound. 

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